Have you ever seen a photograph that transports you to another time or place? One that makes you feel as though you're reliving a moment? A photograph that defies time?

Desert Trends Photography crafts images that capture your special day in a manner so infused with sensory detail that you'll be able to taste the decadent red velvet cake, hear the soft melody floating from the harp, smell the rich bouquets of orchids, and feel the sun's warmth on your shoulders.

It takes a skilled photographer to capture the beautiful sights on your wedding day, but it takes an artist to create a sensory journey. The magic of a moment lies in the details, and Desert Trends Photography meticulously focuses its lenses on each carefully planned aspect of your wedding day.

Years from now you'll look through your photographs and feel the rush of emotions you experienced as though it were the day before. Your wedding will fly by in a blur of happiness, but your custom designed albums will be full of sharp images.

Please give me a call anytime to discover how we can make your special day special for years to come!

Mike Zysman
Owner & Lead Photographer
phoenix: 480.278.3862
toll free: 1-888-274-3723