Here are the top ten reasons you should consider Desert Trends for your wedding day:

1) Beautiful Pictures

After a typical wedding, we deliver over 1200 pictures. Each of these pictures is digitally mastered to look its best and many are processed with special effects (but not the cheesy ones). Some studios will only edit the pictures you agree to buy. Some will pare down your pictures to a preset number. At Desert Trends we provide you with a complete DVD of all the images that pass our careful inspection!

2) Unlimited Coverage

The last thing you'll want to worry about on your wedding day is whether your photographer will be there long enough to cover everything. At Desert Trends Photography we include unlimited time! We schedule the entire day just for you, and because we enjoy our jobs. It's our pleasure to cover your special day from makeup & hair until the last dance!

3) Flexible Credits

I recently read an advertisement from a photography studio that read: "With your wedding package you will receive: 14- 5X7 PRINTS 10-8X10 PRINTS 2- 11X14 PRINTS 1- 16X20 PRINT"

At Desert Trends we think that's silly!

All our standard wedding collections include between $200 and $500 in flexible credits that you can use however YOU want. Maybe you want a giant 5 foot tall canvas gallery wrap? Or perhaps you want to upgrade to a beautiful 16x20" leather album? Perhaps 1000 wallet size prints are what you need? The only thing we are certain of is that everyone wants something different and we are here to give you what you want!

4) Flattering Images

With years of experience photographing people, we know the tricks of the trade to make you look great. We can slim your hips, rotate that crooked corsage, emphasize your eyes, get rid of that accidental lipstick mark, and a whole lot more. Our talented Photoshop artist has over 14 years experience.

5) Organized Shoot

During our 2nd meeting with you (about 1 month before W-Day), we'll work together to create a schedule, find out who all the important people are, and create a shot list. I'll also give you our custom designed quiz to learn what type of pictures will suit you best. Before the wedding, we'll scout all necessary locations to make sure we bring the proper equipment for your venue.

6) In-House Processing

When you hire Desert Trends, we are the studio that completes the entire job. All events are photographed by Michael Zysman. Associate photographers are used only as 2nd photographers on jobs that require a 2nd photographer. All images on this website and in our sample albums are shot by Michael Zysman - nobody else.

Also take note - some studios are now outsourcing their image editing and album design. While this can be a time saver, you can't expect consistent results when different people are working from job to job. We strongly believe that the photographer who pressed the shutter is the best person to carry their artistic vision through to the finished image.

7) Extreme Backups

From equipment to image storage we have lots of backups. Desert Trends Photography knows how important your wedding pictures are and we go to extraordinary lengths to ensure no picture is ever lost. In our studio, digital images are immediately duplicated in three locations. Additionally your pictures are stored off-site in a secure data center in Boston, MA. After your pictures are edited they are sent to another data server in California. When all is said and done, there are five copies of your digital negatives!

8) Quick Delivery

Maybe you've read horror stories about photographers that take six months to deliver your pictures and another year to send you a finished album? Our delivery dates are spelled out in our contract with you. Typically we'll post a few teaser images to our blog in just 3 - 5 days. The full editing process takes about 6 weeks, and the album takes 1 month after you approve the final design. Yes, you might be able to find a photographer that will send you everything in a week, but we think our quality editing and design work is worth the wait!

9) Accessible Photos

Why pay thousands of dollars for a photographer who tells you they own your pictures and you can only get prints through them? We will give you a license to print your pictures -- any size, anywhere. We will be happy create professional quality prints, canvas wrap, or any other product upon request.

10) Unique Vision

I have lots of ideas to make your special day memorable, but it's your day and you call the shots!
I haven't cornered the market on great ideas yet! If you have a cool idea or see a great image online or in a bridal magazine, we encourage you to share it with us.